This month was a good project month. Cabinets in MH are deep and that makes it hard to reach the stuff crammed in the back. Kay thought pullout drawers would be nice. So that was my next project. Actually it was her dad's and mine project. I did the measurements, Jerry made the drawers and I installed them. Used sliders that let you pull the drawers all the way out. Used small slide bolts to hold them in for travel.Turned out pretty good and they do hold a lot and items are easily accessible.

  Took truck & MH down to get the hitch & pump installed. The guy needed the truck overnight as he did it on his own time in the evening. So we stayed at S. Marcum Campground on Rend Lake. Nice place, had water, electric, no sewer. As we were only there for one night we didn't need the sewer. Even if it was available I probably wouldn't hook it up for just one night. Turned out the hitch was the wrong one so we had to reorder the correct one. But the pump did get installed.

  Our rear air conditioner started leaking. I checked it out and all it needed was a GOOD cleaning. I had been doing yearly maintenance on it but it is hard to get it completely clean without getting water into the MH. I bought a new gasket  for between the MH and A/C unit. I had a thick piece of cardboard and taped some plastic sheeting to it that was long enough to reach the ground so any cleaners, dirt, etc would flow off the roof and not on the side of the MH. Then I removed the unit, placed it on the cardboard and proceeded to give it a thorough cleaning. Used Simple Green and soap. Sprayed, let it set, hosed it off. Took two times before I was satisfied. Let it dry, then reinstalled the unit. No leaks!

  The MH was oxidizing pretty bad. The waxings were not holding up. I did some internet research and found and read that fiberglass & GelCoat are porous and the oxidizing is getting down in the pores also. So the waxing was a temporary fix at best. Just did the surface. I bought some of their products and a circular buffer. Before I started doing the sides I wanted to do the aluminum roof. This was a normal cleaning, waxing. Not too bad but hard on the knees. Even with the thick furniture pad I used for kneeling. Took some Aleve before I started and more when I was done. Now for the back of the MH. I hadn't used a circular buffer before so I read and reread the directions before starting. I'd heard how they could 'burn' the paint if used improperly. It was actually easier than I had imagined. And the cleaner did a nice job. Then I had to apply a sealer which didn't seem to be right when I first did it. So I rebuffed and tried a different sealer. That was better. Around the ladder I had to buff it out by hand. Made me appreciate the buffer! I also did about one foot into the side panels to see how they would look. They are a slightly different texture than the back. The back is a molded cap and the sides are flat panels and I think they are formed differently. You could really tell the difference there. Looked great. That is all I have done so far. I plan on finishing it up in Fl this winter.

  There is a vacuum pump in the front of the MH for controlling the A/C controls. (Diesels donít create vacuum like a car does therefore the separate pump.) Switching between dash, floor, etc. It wasnít working right. The default position for the blower is defrost. And that is where it stayed. I pulled the pump and checked it and nothing. Lots of searching on the net and I finally found one. Actually I found one at a Ford dealer but the one I found on the net was about half the price. (And that was expensive enough.)

  Mid-America Designs in Effingham, which sells aftermarket Corvette parts, jewelry, etc. has VetteFest once a year. If you are a Corvette nut, this is the place to go. Usually a few thousand Vettes there. There is no entry fee for the Vettes and you get food coupons and other stuff. They had a company that installed new custom muffler systems on new Vettes right there. On sat night there is entertainment--this year was The Beach Boys. There is a Corvette Museum on the property also. It is open to visitors all year. If you ever plan on going there for VetteFest--it is in Sept--you need to book motels a year ahead. They are all full for miles around on this weekend.

  We took a trip to Tuscola, Il to visit Ed Krzinowek. Iíve known Ed since the early 60ís. We ran around together and stayed in touch until I moved to Ca. Then some things happened in his life and we lost touch. Finally found him and arranged the visit. Still the same old Ed. :>) He is an excellent bodyman, mechanic, etc. His latest project is a í98 fullsize Chevy pickup that he is customizing. It is looking good so far. We went inside and he showed us around. In the living room he had a 4X8 sheet of plywood on some fold up tables. He was working on a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. As we went thru the rest of the house he had puzzle pieces sorted and on small boards in every room. He showed us a pic of how it is supposed to turn out and most of it is dark. Makes it harder to match up pieces. I donít think Iíd have the patience for such a project.

We sat around and caught up on our lives. Made arrangements to bring MH up to do the compartment repairs. I would do the work and he would guide me thru it. Turns out that with everything going on with John & Jerry in Effingham  I didnít get a chance to get up there. Hopefully, next spring.

  Now it was time to move down to the Harrisburg area for our annual VA appts and LZís annual shots/checkup. We were there 10 days. And one weekend was the Elkís annual Chili Cook-Off and dance in the evening. Good time to catch up with all my friends. Which we did.

  Va tests all came out OK. LZís didnít. He had to have all his front teeth removed. They were loose and infected. Kay had been saying that his breath was getting worse but I couldnít tell. Ever since I had the bad bronchitis attack in Phoenix back in í01 I havenít been able to smell anything. We set up an appt for the next week. Our vet is retired and only takes care of a few animals. He has been LZís vet since í95 so he still takes care of him. Kay said she would assist him on the procedure, as I donít like to see critters hurt. Just bugs me. (I get upset even when I see Ďroadkillí laying on the side of the road. And I donít hunt or fish anymore either.) They got ready to start and I went out to the truck to read the paper. Later I glanced over and Kay was sitting on the ground leaning against the building. I went over and she said it was OK until the vet moved LZís tongue around to get at the teeth. Then it hit her and she got woozy. So I got her in the truck and I went in to help the vet finish up. As LZ was coming out of the anesthesia he started yelping which the vet said was normal. The only time he would stop is when he was on the ground trying to stand up. We took him outside on the grass so he wouldnít hurt himself trying to get up. The vet got down on the ground with him (this was a COLD day and it had been raining earlier) to encourage/help him. You donít see many vets that care that much about their patients. When LZ could walk he wandered about and couldnít see. We headed back to the MH with LZ crying and wanting down all the way. Had to stop a couple of times so he could walk and settle down. In the MH he would walk leaning alongside the cabinets. Still couldnít see. He finally settled down for the night and the next day, he was OK. Acting like nothing happened.

  My coach and chassis batteries were still the original ones. MH is a í98 with the chassis built in í97 so they were ready to be exchanged. Since I was in the area I went to see Roger Craig. He got me 2-12V & 4-6V batteries at a reasonable price. I changed them and made a note to redo the battery compartment again as the redo from í03 was not holding up.

It would wait til we got back to Effingham.

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