Not much going on for this update. Hopefully it goes thru OK. I transferred the site from my old puter to the new one. I THINK it is going to work OK. Soon find out. 

Kay had to take her dad to the VA and they decided to overnight at the gambling boat in Metropolis, Il. John & Linda went also. The boat is about 40 minutes from the VA & 3 hours from Effingham.

On a sat night we met Bill & Peggy Little in Arcola, Il for the Broomcorn Festival. Not so much for the festival but to see ďCaptain Rat & the Blind RivetsĒ. Bill had been telling us about them but we never seemed to be around when they were playing. We had a ball. They play 50ís, 60ís & 70ís music mainly. At one point when I was taking pics these 2 girls asked me to take their pic also. So I did and said I would put it on my site. So whoever you are hereís your pic.

I signed up for a 2 day class at Freightliner--the manufacturer of our MH chassis--in Gaffney, SC. At first we were going to take the MH, then decided to just take the truck since we ended up having to come right back here due to a reschedule in a couple of my VA appts. The morning we were going to leave we got a call and they had to take Kayís dad to the hospital. She went to the hosp and came home about noon and Jerry was Ok but they were keeping him overnight for observation. So we decided that I would go to SC by myself. I left that evening and drove all night, arriving in the early AM.

The classes were very informative and Iím glad I went. They had 10 people in a class. Gave out a 3 ring binder with info on your individual MH based on the VIN you gave them when you registered. Part of the info was schematics for the air pressure system and the electric wiring. That should help with any troubleshooting I might need to do.

The instructor was very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all questions that came up. At least we think he gave us the correct answers. :>) Cost was $100 and besides the classroom info we got lunch served each of the 2 days. If any reading this have a freightliner chassis on their MH, it is well worth the time & $$ to attend. Especially if you like to do your own work.

The last night I was there, Sherry & Robin (my daughter & her hubby) came over to visit. They had started watching what they eat, quit smoking, etc. They both looked great. I could really tell a difference. I took 2 pics but when I got back to Effingham and downloaded them they were all blurry. Hopefully they will send me a current one and I will add it to the site.

Mike & Clara had driven to Wis from Savannah to get a--new to them--truck. They got done earlier than they expected and stopped by Effingham for a couple of hours on their way home. (Mainly to mooch a meal!). Itís a Ď03 Ford F250 diesel, extended cab. Good looking truck!

Our friends, Diane & Lyle Haney & their granddaughter Laney, sold their house in Merced, Ca and moved back to Effingham. So we have been house shopping with them. Interesting how much the housing market has changed here. Especially the prices. Sticker shock!!!!!

One Friday we all met at Dannyís for his fish dinners. There were 10 of us and it was a good reunion. Should have 2 more couples but someone had told them the wrong meeting place. It had been a few years since some had seen each other.

Next weekend we went there again and met up with one of the couples (Carla & Dennis Wilson) that had been misinformed earlier. From there we went to the VFW and ran into more friends. Pushed a couple of tables together and had a ball. One guy came over and told us the story about him going to a carnival years ago and wrestling a monkey. Turned out it was a chimp. Threw him all over the place. At one point he had a good fist shot at the chimps testicles but then remembered that the trainer had told him the chimp would do whatever he did. He decided not to take the shot. He had us rolling on the floor.

One Saturday Kay & I headed down to the riverboat in Metropolis. She had been comped free tickets to see Charlie Daniels perform. Since she is a Diamond Club member we had seats about 9 rows from center stage. They put on a heck of a show. Glad we went. Next day we went downtown Metropolis (home of Superman) to check out the Superman statue and look around.

From there we drove over to the Golconda, Il Marina. It is on the Ohio River. Friends of ours (Pete & Carol Doman) had retired, sold their house, bought a houseboat and live there fulltime. They werenít home. Maybe we will call ahead next time. Actually we did try to call but didnít connect. Not sure if their cell phone works at the marina.

Another day we drove to Dieterich, Il to see their Veteranís Memorial. The town raised all the money themselves to build this memorial. No state or federal help. I mention this because this is a very small town. I think it is a credit to itís citizens.

My annual VA checkup went well. But Kay told them that I have never had a stress test so they scheduled one for me. Plus CAT scan of my head. OK, do all your jokes now! Actually it was for my sinus cavities. Anyway it was a full day at the hosp. Got a call today that all was OK on the stress test. No call yet on the sinus.