We had decided to take a 'test trip' before we sold everything and hit the road. Being the brave (ignorant?) souls we are, we planned a 3 month trip. We had never had an RV before. Of any kind. Our RVing education came from the internet. I had found an RVing site (RVAmerica) that was great! They had a BB that was just what we needed. If you posted a question, within 4 hours you had your answers. These people had never met one another and they started joking around about having a Y2K Party to meet. Of course all had plans for that holiday so why not have a Y2K Party in March? In Harlingen, TX. So they planned it. We thought it was a great idea and planned it for the end of our trip. If we were still together. We told our neighbors that if we came back early, we didn't like it. If we came back each driving a vehicle---we didn't like each other.

Lots of preparation for our first trip. Recliners. License plates. Was able to get "4 EZ DAZ" for the MH. My truck has "4 ASYCO". Those that know me can probably figure it out. A hint for those that canít: I am a Vietnam Vet and ex-postal worker. Actually it has to do with my sense of humor. Had to get a driveshaft disconnect for my PU, a brake assist system (Brake Buddy) for the toad (vehicle you are towing, hence TOAD), a hitch setup, and a Splendide washer/dryer combo unit. A great unit. Washes and dries in same machine. When it gets done washing it starts the dry cycle. It helps cut down on wrinkles if you shake out the items before the dry cycle starts but it is not necessary. Most of this was done at Camping World in Bowling Green, Ky. While the work was being done we shopped in their camping store. Got lots of goodies. Their stuff is a little pricey but they have most of the supplies you need in one place. Us being rookies needed a place like that to find all the stuff we read about on the BBs. Kinda proud of the fact that we knew what we wanted before we went and did not overindulge in 'impulse' buying. Plenty of time for that on our trip. Headed back home towing the truck. It was a good trip. Got the necessary add-ons taken care of and test drove MH with truck being towed. Now it was time to pack.

What to take and what to leave? We decided to take t-shirts, shorts, sweats, Jeans and a couple of flannel shirts. Plus coats and necessary underthings. I decided I didn't need a suit. I only wore one about once a year anyway. Everytime it came around to needing one, I had outgrown the old one and had to get a new one. No more. Don't plan to own another one. Done with that nonsense.

We got things loaded and planned for a Dec 15 departure.