Nam Pics
Hard to pick and choose the pics for this page and still keep it 'downloadable' but this should give you an idea.

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1st Cav Patch                   Combat Infantrymans Badge                                                           Ship we sailed on, from
                                                                                                                                                        Charleston, SC

An Khe Base Camp
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Base camp perimeter. When not in the boonies we pulled perimeter guard.
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Chopper (Huey)      My baby         --------- Back from patrol--------    ------messing around posing  --
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1st home           2nd home          3rd home          3rd-improved     Mess Hall
(Jim Smith)

In The Field (Can't remember where)
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Rained during the night & we got mortared. Soaking wet in foxholes.

Vung Tau (In country R&R)
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------------R&R center-------------    ------------------------------------Downtown Vung Tau-------------------------------------------
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--------------South China Sea coast-----------------      Old bunker