We left Noxon and headed for Glacier Nat'l Park. Went up Rt. 56 to US 2 and headed east. The whole drive was beautiful with very little construction. Arrived at North American RV Park & Campground and settled in. Nice park, clean and well taken care of. Also had phone hookups. Weather was great! Within a day or so Kay's cousin and his family (Paul, Jan & Danya) came by on their way to Waterton, Canada (north side of park). Before we knew it we had a bag packed, dogs stuff packed, called and made motel reservations and on our way to Waterton for the night. What a trip! This park is awesome. On one of our side trips there were quite a few cars parked on the side of the road, people pointing and taking pics. Naturally we had to see what was going on. There was a sow black bear and 3 cubs walking along the lakeshore. Very unusual for a bear to have 3 cubs.

Arrived in Waterton and there was a mixup in our confirmed room reservations. (I think they gave the room away as we didn't get there til late). We ended up in a condo for the same price. Good deal. We went for a walk downtown and on the way back saw a deer across the street. He was watching us and walking along the street. We stopped and he came across the street and walked right up to us, all the time looking at our dog. He got real close and Kay hollered-NO! and he went on down the street. The next day we saw a sign that said to watch your pets around the deer as the deer will try and kill them. Now they tell us! This area was beautiful also. The town is nestled between mountains and situated on a lake. We will go back again.

Kay & I headed back and the others stayed for a few more days. On our way back we drove the "Going To The Sun Road". It's a 50 mile drive from St. Mary, Mt. to West Glacier, Mt. It crosses the Continental Divide. THIS IS A SPECTACULAR DRIVE!!! Vehicle length is limited to 20'. That should give you an idea of the type of drive it is. This area is a "must see" on any traveler's list. Lots of things to see and do.

One day we took a helicopter ride over the park. It had been raining on and off and this produced some beautiful rainbows. When trying to fly back over the Divide the wind was too strong and we had to turn back and try another route.

Another day we visited the local drive-thru bear park which happened to be across the highway from the RV park. They had part of the compound for black bears and part for grizzlies. It was interesting but not the same as seeing them in the wild.

Finally it was time to leave. We hooked up and headed east on US 2. We got about 35 miles and the diesel shut down. It was overheating and the 'puter' shut it down. Walked around the MH to determine what happened and noticed smoke coming from rear wheels of the p/u truck. I realized I had left the emergency brake on. When we hookup, I set the emergency brake (It takes the pressure off the driveline) to hold truck while using the driveshaft disconnect. Evidently I didn't set it hard enough to lock the wheels, so Kay couldn't tell when she did the check. After we hookup, Kay stands outside and checks lights, steering wheel unlocked, tow bar hooked up properly and wheels turning (should mean emer. brake is off). In this case I was on level ground and lightly set it, it held to disconnect the driveshaft but when MH pulled it the wheels would turn. Now whenever I set the brake, I set it hard so wheels will drag if I forget to release it.

Anyway, after checking the MH I found that the lower radiator hose has fallen off at the engine side and all the water/anti-freeze spilled out. I put hose back on and filled the radiator and engine with water from our fresh water tank. Lots of RVers travel with empty tanks because of the weight. I like to have some on board--just in case. This time it paid off.

When we got to the next town we saw a Cummins dealer and pulled in to get the proper water/anti-freeze mix back in engine. While waiting, Kay went over to a convenience store, played the machines and left with $800.00. Not bad. Then we continued on to Havre, Mt for a couple of days. When unhooking the p/u it was obvious we needed to get the brakes taken care of ASAP. We went to the local Elks Lodge and asked around for the best place to have it worked on. They suggested 'Technical Services', run by Cal Brown, a fellow Elk and one of the gents said he would take us there in the am. (While at the Lodge, Kay hit $500.00 on their machines in 1/2 hour). We got to Cal's and he would work us in. Ended up replacing everything in brake area plus master cylinder as hot fluid traveled to cylinder and melted seals. Probably wouldn't have happened normally but we travel with a brake system (Brake Buddy) in the p/u so fluid was moving everytime I braked. A few days later we were back on the road and $800.00 poorer.

Moved on towards Minneapolis, stopping overnight at Roughrider campground, Minot, N.D. This is a ‘mom & pop’ type park. Very clean and the folks were nice. Next on to Grand Forks AFB, N.D. campground. Nice & quite. When we pulled in to register I slipped on the step and the step linkage broke. It was made out of pot metal. Called the co. and they shipped us a new one. Meanwhile we gingerly entered & exited the MH. For 2 nights there were tornado warnings out. In fact one touched down about 2 miles south of us. Heavy rain. Part came in a couple of days later, I put it on and we were off again.  Went on to St. Paul East KOA in Woodbury, Mn.

One of my B-cousins lives in Woodbury, that’s why we headed this way. Marlene & Dick Kane were great hosts and it was nice to see them again. We had dinner with them one evening and their sister-in-law, Pat was there. Good food, beer & good company—what more could you ask for. Took one day and went to the Mall of America. This place is huge. Had an amusement park inside. Great place to take kids. On to Illinois.