At the VA in Jan/Feb I had 2 teeth pulled, a new bridge, 4 visits to  the chiropractor for my back (something slipped—can’t do anything for the arthritis), a series of 3 weekly shots of Syn-Visc in both knees to help with the pain (and they are working great now, not completely pain free but tolerable), new hearing aids.

After we got the house as far as we could go, our next project was to fix the ranger station door. Termites and rot had gotten to the bottom of the jambs and the bottom rows of the siding. We tore out about 8 inches from the bottom, made new jambs, installed new trim and siding. I think it came out pretty nice.

Next project was to replace the bad boards on the ramp exiting the visitor center. We were able to turn over some of the better 3 inch thick boards and reuse them. Then for the last few boards we used 1X6 and built up the runners so the ramp would be even. They use this ramp to get displays and the cannon in & out of the museum and that cannon is heavy!

The visitors center was built a long time ago, before the ADA (Americans Disability Act) so they asked us to make the counter wheel chair accessible. Cut it, fabricated some parts, moved some lights and receptacles and we were done. Sounds easy but we took a week to do everything (don’t forget we DON”T work 8 hr days!).

Bob Tydd and I took a day off to go to the Tampa RV Show. Lots of displays, free stuff, & good stuff to eat. I ran into Rich & Diane Emond, friends of ours from when we first started Rving. They were going in the opposite direction on the rows then we were and we met up with them on every row. Of course I had to give Diane a hug on every row! A lot of walking but interesting.

Beginning of Feb we got 2 new volunteers—Dwight & Cindi Corn—always plenty of work to do so it was a big help.

Bob Tydd and I rebuilt my tow bar as it is 7 years old and needed a bit of TLC.

Another project was to anchor the handicap table in each pavilion so people couldn’t move them around. They tend to move them in such a way that wheelchairs can’t get up to them. We looked and analyzed the situation, trying to figure the best way. And not be a hazard to peoples feet. We ended up getting right angle braces, bent them and placed them inside the legs and anchored them to the concrete. Should do the trick but we’ll find out for sure when we get back next year after a full summer’s usage.

Our washer/dryer was acting up so I removed to outside, opened it up and found that the pump had been leaking and finally rusted up. We first installed the unit in the beginning of 2000 and this is the first problem we have had with it. Ordered a new pump and wrapped up the unit til the parts arrived just in case of bad weather. Didn’t want to put it back in the MH as it weighs about 180 lbs. Part came in about 5 days later, installed it. Tested it while it was still outside, everything OK, reinstalled it in the MH.

The park had a booth at the County Fair this year. Bob Tydd made a cabinet for the puter equipment so there was a Powerpoint presentation going on all during the fair. Also had pics of the park, brochures and they borrowed a stuffed turkey & bobcat. We all took turns working the booth during the week. On one of my nights, a kid about 7 yrs old came up to the booth and was looking at the turkey and bobcat, then I had the following conversion with him:

Kid: Who shot the turkey?

Me: I don’t know.

Kid: Who shot the bobcat?

Me: I don’t know.

Kid: You don’t know much do you?

Me: (Laughing) I guess not.

Kid: Then why are you here?

Me: (Laughing again) Good question!!

Then he walked away.

Our next big project was to replace quite a few bad boards on the suspension bridge. These are 12’, 14’ & 16’ 2X6’s. We rigged up a small trailer to pull behind the 4-wheel ATV. Inside we put the tools, a generator and material, except the boards. We used the park truck to bring the boards out and carry the old boards to the burn pile after we were done. The boards at the beginning of the bridge weren’t too bad, but the ones across the bridge became labor intensive as we had to carry the old ones out and the new ones in. The fish pics on the next page were taken from the bridge which is at least 15’ above the water.

Mike & Pam called and said they were going to be in Lakeland at a Senior Orphans Day benefit. I’m not sure exactly what the actual event is for but it does help seniors. Mike’s friend, Ron, had built a model of a fighter plane that he can legally drive on the street. It’s built around a motorcycle chassis. It is really a sight to see when it is on the highway. I had been wanting to see it. Everybody else was busy so I went up by myself. It turned out to be a car show, motorcycle show, booths, etc. Pretty big event. Of course this type of thing is right up my alley so I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Kay & Donna worked on creating a Butterfly garden. They got the ranger to clear an area, then they raked, put in fence posts, a walkway and planted flowers. They also watered it every day. Bob Eberly made a couple of benches and installed them. When we return next winter we hope to see flowers and butterflies! We are anxious to see the results. They worked real hard on it.

Kay & Donna took a train to Savannah one weekend. It was to surprise Kay’s dad on his 88th birthday. It worked—he was surprised.

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