Before we left Effingham I installed a quick coupler on the MH air system. Then used it when I did my tire check before we headed to Savannah. Works a lot better than my portable air compressor.

We got a call on the 6th that Clara came thru the surgery OK. We left Effingham on the 7th. Kay was driving her dad’s car with him in it and I drove the MH w/truck hooked up. The plan was to stop overnight south of Atlanta. That way we would be traveling thru in the evening. Got between Chattanooga & Atlanta and Jerry needed to stop for the night. They got a motel and I went on thru Atlanta and was going to stop at a truckstop and sleep. All of them were full! Then I figured I could stop somewhere on I-16 after I left I-75. Next truckstop was halfway to Savannah, I wasn’t tired so I drove in to Savannah that evening. Kay & Jerry arrived the next day.

Clara was home from the hosp and moving very slow. Still groggy from the surgery. Good thing we were there to help.

The next week, Jerry ended up in the hosp. Was in for a couple of days, then back home.

I spent some of the time helping on Jared & Julia’s new  (to them) house. They tore out the whole insides on the downstairs. I did some plumbing and hung some fans.

Bob & Barb Tydd (they are volunteers at the same Fl. State Park as us) stopped by for Thanksgiving on their down. Bob helped us around the house. He was parked in the driveway and when he got up he started doing things. He never stops—just goes all day.

We had Thanksgiving at Clara’s house

The next week Jerry was back in the hosp. We had planned be in Fl on Dec 1st but didn’t leave until the 5th, after we knew Jerry was OK and back home with Clara.

Bob & Donna had been there since the 1st so they had our area all spiffed up for us. Donna gave us a quilt that she had worked on all summer. It had pics of LZ scattered around the quilt. Beautiful!!!! A lot of work went into that.

There were 2 new volunteers when we got there—Bobby and Ron. Nice people to work with.

During Dec I went to the Tampa VA for annual tests and follow-ups. While up there we stopped and visited Mike & Pam Halley, friends we made at the Branson Welcome Home event.

Park project for Bob Tydd & I was working on a house that was on some property the Park Service bought. It  was going to be a residence for one of the rangers. We had to tear out the whole inside. It was a mess. I don’t understand how people could have lived in there. Had to fix the pump, check out all the plumbing & drains. Got it stripped down, put a coat of primer on it and now they are waiting for the new fiscal year to start and get enough money to finish it. It’ll be waiting for us next Dec.

Bob Tydd and I again took a trip down to the Bus Nuts Rally.

We had a park Christmas party for the volunteers and rangers and their families.

Kay & I drove the truck up to Savannah for Christmas. On the 23rd the garbage disposal went out. On 24th we got a new one and I installed it. With all the cooking going on for the holidays it was a necessity.

And, of course, we ( Kay, me, Bob & Donna) spent New Years Eve at the Wauchula Elks Lodge.

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